Why LiveWire

Sify's LiveWire Learning Management System provides tools for training module design, a documentation repository, and administration and tracking features. It's like having an entire virtual training department at your command. Sify Livewire enables Create, manage, and track an array of different types of training and educational content in an all-in-one organizational learning environment.

With LiveWire, your employees can learn at their own pace. They can choose from a variety of training environments-virtual classroom, Web-based, in-class-or training formats. To gauge the effectiveness of training modules, LiveWire training modules include assessment tests and progress reports. To get the most value out of your training, managers and employees are given complete control of their learning system, making them more accountable for results.

  1. Provides core features & functionalities to host, manage, deliver and track all forms of learning to the intended audience online
  2. Comes with a bundle of offerings- from branding to complex organization specific learning configuration needs
  3. Seamlessly accessible from any mobile or handheld devices
  4. Supported by Sify’s several years of grounds up development and implementation experience

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